You know what… ? Atholl Highlanders, private army at Blair Castle in Scotland

Blair Castle in the Highlands of Scotland

You know that in the Blair Castlein the Highlands of Scotland, are based Atholl Highlander, a private army that still maintains the right that Queen Victoria once granted to the Atholl clan?

He Blair Castle It is located in the Scottish Highlands, halfway between Edinburgh and Loch Ness, very close to the beautiful holiday village of Pitlochry. In 1844 he was visited by Queen Victoria, who granted the Atholl clan, who in the past had a kingdom, the right to maintain a private army.

This little army is called Atholl Highlander, and the best occasion to see them is during the great parade that they carry out on the occasion of the celebration of the Scottish Highlands Games at Blair Castle. This year 2o10, these traditional Scottish games are celebrated on the weekend of May 20 and 30.