Discover the Casín Cheese from the Nalón Valley in Asturias

One of the great gastronomic specialties from Asturias They are the cheeses. And one of the most unknown and, on the other hand, more laureates of recent years is the Casin Cheese.

It is a specialty that since ancient times has been handcrafted in the houses of the towns of Case, Overwhelming Y Piloña, atNalón Valley, and that only a few years ago it has begun to be sold outside the aforementioned Asturian valley.

In this video Marigel Alvarez, precursor with her husband in the preparation of Casin cheese for marketing outside of Nalón Valley, tells us how they started this project and how this cheese is produced that I have had occasion to discover recently.

He Casin cheese It has a different flavor than most Asturian cheeses. I recommend it if you like cheeses with a strong flavor, and with a texture similar to that of Italian Parmeggian cheeses.