Fuerteventura - Playa Ajuy, the geological origins of the Canary Islands

Ajuy beach in Fuerteventura

Beaches with huge expanses of dunes and fine sand. Surely that is the image you have of Fuerteventura, and surely you are not wrong ... or almost.

Indeed, so are the vast majority of Beaches that abound in Fuerteventura, but only in the coastal areas of the north, east and south that are oriented towards the Sahara desert, from where the fine sands that cover these beaches arrive.

On the other hand, on the west coast of the island you will find beaches of stones and black sand, more similar to those of islands that are further away from Africa, such as those of Tenerife, also on its west side.

Ajuy beach in Fuerteventura

But this allows you to enjoy another type of landscape in your route through the island of Fuerteventura.

And one of the most outstanding corners from the landscape point of view is, without a doubt, Ajuy beach, located in the municipality of Pájara.

Can you imagine a black sand beach with great waves, located between ravines? So is Ajuy beach, where you also find a small but very picturesque town.

Ajuy beach in Fuerteventura

Also know as Puerto de la Peña, since historically it served as an exit port for cereals and livestock, from the geological point this enclave has another great attraction: it is about oldest place in the Canary Islands.

That is, according to geologists, this area of Ajuy beach It was the first to emerge to the surface as a result of volcanic eruptions, a whopping one hundred million years ago.

Therefore, this area was declared Natural Monument in 1994.

Restaurants in Playa Ajuy in Fuerteventura

On the promenade that you can take along paths that surround the ravine where the beach and the town are, you can see ocean sediments, consolidated dunes or basaltic coves of the volcano Morro Valdés from Betancuria. There have been fossils of animals that no longer exist.

From an ethnographic point of view, you are reminiscent of the historic production of lime, such as a tunnel or old furnaces.

I'll tell you what Ajuy It is a very attractive place for British and German tourists who visit the island of Fuerteventura, which propitiates the existence of some restaurants of local food, being also known Ajuy beach by the usual practice of nudism.

Photos Ajuy beach

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