How to see the Zafra castle, Game of Thrones in the province of Guadalajara

Zafra Castle in the province of Guadalajara

We already know that Spain is a land of castles, and surely there are many fortifications that come to mind and whose majestic image you can remember.

But there are also much less known castles that will not stop surprising you.

The recent escape we have made to the region of the Guadalajara province which corresponds to the Molina-Alto Tajo GeoparkIt was precisely the main objective of knowing the medieval city Molina de Aragón and its imposing castle.

Zafra Castle in the province of Guadalajara

Zafra Castle, Game of Thrones in Guadalajara

But in this respect, a car route for the aforementioned region you have a very interesting surprise, the Zafra castle, one of the most prominent corners of the ones you can see in it.

It is a very curious fortification for its incredible location on a rocky promontory on a hillside Boilermakers Sierra.

Also, if you are passionate about television series, you may have a good reason to go watch it.

Indeed, the Zafra castle has been protagonist of the series Game of Thrones, specifically, appearing as the Tower of Joy in the sixth season of it.

Zafra Castle in the province of Guadalajara

Zafra castle history

He Zafra castle of Guadalajara It is an amazing sample of rock castle, whose origin dates back to a first fortification of the time of the Visigoths.

While in that area of ​​less inhabited Spain there are vestiges of human presence from the Prehistory, the name of the castle corresponds to that of a military godo who snatched said enclave from the Romans.

Later it was Alfonso I the Battler who in the twelfth century conquered the castle to Muslims, and since then it became a very important enclave to be located between the borders of the kingdoms of Castile and Aragon.

Of this importance it shows you the fact that at that time of the Middle Ages It even housed up to 500 soldiers, even despite its small size.

Note that in 1223 the castle was the protagonist of an event known as the Concord of Zafra, when the third lord of Molina, Gonzalo Pérez de Lara, resisted the siege of the troops of the king of Castile Fernando III, which ended with that agreement.

Zafra Castle in the province of Guadalajara

Already in the most current times the Zafra castle it suffered a great deterioration and almost abandonment, until in 1975 it was acquired by Antonio San Polo, who with the help of the master mason Jesus Married He carried out the slow reconstruction work.

Where to see Zafra Castle in Guadalajara

If you want to go see the Zafra castle, you should know that it is a private property that you cannot visit, but it is really worth approaching to see its amazing location and enjoy the landscapes that it configures on the mountainside.

As I said, you find it in the region that configures theMolina-Alto Tajo Geopark. and to arrive you will have to enter a dirt track, because there is no paved road that will take you to its location.

When you arrive you will be before an elongated fortification completely rebuilt on one of the rocky sets that characterize this natural area.

Zafra Castle in the province of Guadalajara

How to get to Zafra Castle

For get to Zafra castle, you can do it from Campillo de Dueñas, after crossing it through the main Street, you find a signposted track heading south that will take you to 3.5 kilometers.

You can also arrive from the town of Shouldered along a dirt track that goes north, taking a couple of detours to the left and arriving after three kilometers of travel.

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